“Inner Blossom” – original acrylic illustration
  • Inner Blossom Clarafosca artwork painting
  • Inner Blossom and chica de fuego Clarafosca artwork painting
  • Inner Blossom Clarafosca artwork original painting
  • Inner Blossom Clarafosca artwork original painting
  • Inner Blossom Clarafosca artwork original painting
  • “Inner Blossom” – original acrylic illustration

“Inner Blossom” – original acrylic illustration

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"Inner Blossom" is one of six captivating female portraits in a series. Created on handmade paper with acrylic paint, this work measures 20 x 30 cm and is unframed. It was made in 2020 and comes with a certificate of authenticity personally signed by the artist. This unique series of female paintings combines acrylic paint and mixed media, resulting in stunning and expressive works of art.


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 "Inner Blossom" explores the depths of human strengths, positive emotions, and personal growth. Through mesmerizing brushstrokes and intricate symbolism, Clarafosca takes viewers on a transformative journey towards self-realization and well-being. This artwork beautifully captures the concept of personal growth as an ongoing process, emphasizing the need for profound inner transformation and a conscious effort to improve oneself each day. "Inner Blossom" symbolizes the gradual flowering of one's true self, inviting contemplation on the power of self-discovery and the beauty that emerges as we embrace our own progress.

Moreover, "Inner Blossom" sparks reflection on the profound connections between personal development and the quality of relationships. As viewers delve into the artwork's layers, they are prompted to consider the intricate nature of maturity and its impact on how we relate to ourselves and others. The painting suggests that as we progress on our journey of self-discovery and maturity, a deeper understanding of ourselves and a heightened sense of humanity unfold, fostering genuine connections and enriched relationships.

Through its enchanting portrayal and thought-provoking symbolism, "Inner Blossom" encapsulates Clarafosca's desire to capture the essence of personal growth. It serves as a compelling reminder to embrace positivity, cherish our own progress, and unlock our true potential. With every gaze upon "Inner Blossom," viewers are beckoned to embark on their own transformative journeys, appreciating the profound beauty that comes with self-discovery and the continual growth of the human spirit.

Handmade paper size:

20cm x 30cm (7.8 x 11.8 inch).


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