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  • urban LTC short shirt and bali short shirt women
  • LTC urban short shirt unisex front
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Short sleeve Shirt “Les tres cares”

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The unisex "Les tres cares" shirt by Clarafosca is the perfect choice for a fresh and comfortable style. Its flattering shape adapts to any body type, for both men and women. Made from bamboo fibre, this shirt is soft, durable and perfect for sensitive skin. 

Enjoy excellence in design and quality with this shirt, and experience comfort and style with every wear. The LTC "Les tres cares" shirt combines fashion and functionality, allowing you to look impeccable and feel comfortable whatever the occasion. 

We create our designs by hand and produce them in limited quantities, ensuring that each piece is unique and carefully crafted with the utmost dedication and passion.


  Handcrafted designs

Manufactured in limited quantities. Unique and dedicated craftsmanship.

  Secure Payments

Via Stripe technology, PayPal and transfer. SSL encryption. No data is stored.

  Worldwide delivery

Via private courier. Usually 5 to 10 working days.

Measurements unisex shirt (only one size):

Shirt length 83cm

Chest width 60cm

Sleeve length 28cm

The "Les tres cares" shirt is a captivating fusion of fresh and tropical style with a mysterious and powerful touch. It features three imposing wolves that symbolise the different facets of your being. It represents the brave and determined face you show to the world, the deep connection you share with your loved ones and the intimate essence you keep for yourself. This shirt envelops you in energetic symbolism and invites you to embrace all your faces, living authentically and sharing your true self with the world. "Les tres cares" is a statement of your individuality and unwavering spirit, designed with style and attitude.

Shirt designed with a lot of passion and produced one by one by hand in Bali, Indonesia. Made from sustainable viscose fabric, thanks to the bamboo fibre it is the perfect fabric to be in contact with the skin and to allow it to breathe naturally. 

We also use CNG (compressed natural gas) to reduce gas emissions. The fabrics are made from eco-friendly and environmentally friendly materials. They are planted locally in Indonesia to reduce the carbon footprint. 

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